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Large format portraits and the platinum print - from $ 275.00

Photographing portraits with a large format film camera is an experience that is both unique and magical. The view camera is the perfect tool for the worker wanting to slow down and really make meaningful portraits that transcend beyond the identity of the sitter. Combine the process of making portraits in this contemplative way with the simple beauty of the hand made platinum print and you will find yourself making beautiful objects in a new way.

For this workshop you will be spending the day with Ray Bidegain making portraits in his backyard daylight studio. Next we will make our way to the darkroom where you will develop your sheet film in trays using inspection. A short break for lunch while the film dries and then back to the darkroom for a brief introduction to platinum printing with each student printing a few of the days negatives. NO large format experience needed and all equipment and materials will be provided. Students will choose between 4x5 or 8x10 film with a slight difference in fees reflecting the added cost of 8x10 materials.

Topics for the day:

  • large format cameras and operation

  • working with sitters to make meaningful portraits

  • developing sheet film in the darkroom

  • brief introduction to platinum printing

  • print making by students