The art and Science of Platinum printing

Private Sessions

Platinum palladium printing is one of the alternative processes and the prints are both beautiful and a joy to make. In this workshop you will learn the skills and techniques needed to make your own platinum palladium prints and hopefully discover a new medium for your photographic work.

What we will be talking about: 

  • In camera negatives for platinum/palladium printing 
  • Making enlarged Digital negatives 
  • Techniques for hand coating the paper
  • Contrast control 
  • Suppliers 
  • Paper stocks suitable for platinum/palladium prints Print finishing and presentation Questions and topics from the students

What to expect:

We will be working with medium format or larger negatives. Any negative that prints well on number 1 or 2 grade of silver paper will work for platinum printing I will provide appropriate negatives to print with if you don't have your own. I will also be covering the process of making digital enlarged negatives for platinum printing. You will have the opportunity to make some enlarged negatives from you digital files or small format negatives. The workshop will begin by looking at my platinum prints.  The next few hours will be spent explaining and demonstrating the process. After that the we will spend the majority of the rest of the workshop printing. I will continue the instruction as I supervise and assist you with your work. By the end of the workshop you will have a nice collection of platinum prints, and a good understanding of the process.  This workshop is for 2 day private one-on-one sessions at my studio.