The Meaningful portrait and the studio nude

Private session
    Here is an opportunity to spend a day photographing in a beautiful daylight studio with photographer Ray Bidegain. Students will have a chance to work in the studio with two models durning day using natural light. The first half will concentrate on making meaningful portraits that connect with the model and reveal something about the photographer.  Portraits that transcend beyond the subject identity to make portraits meaningful to all viewers will be our goal. The second half we will be working with a nude art model.  I will help you learn how to be intentional with your photography, and begin to make work that is both beautiful and rewarding.  There will be demonstrations on lighting, posing, and above all how to work with a model to get the most of the session. You will be able to work independently as well as one on one with Ray Bidegain. All formats are welcome, although demonstrations will be made using a large format camera that Ray uses for all his work. There will be time for looking at your work, and Ray will be showing his platinum prints. The sessions will be 6 hours in the studio.

  Ray Bidegain will be available for review of the photographs on a date after the workshop to be determined by the  student.