Open studio this Sunday hosted by: The Lyceum Portland

Sunday October 29, 2017

Hosted by ;

Katharine Jacobs, Ashley Jennings and Ray Bidegain

Jailhouse Studio 910 SE Taylor in Portland

Have you taken studio photography workshops with us in the past ? Come spend the day working in the studio with us practicing your skills.  We will have Jailhouse studios set up for the day with an area for natural window light, and a second area with studio strobe lighting.  

There will be 2 sessions, in the morning we will be working with a model making clothed portraits with a vintage look, in the afternoon session we will have an art model in for working on nude portraits and figurative work.

We will not be lecturing or doing any formal teaching but we will be there to support you and give help and guidance and needed.  Think of it as a day to work on your photography with our help.

  • Both natural and studio lighting will be available.
  • sessions will be limited to 4 students each
  • 1 model for each session
  • clothed session $ 95.00 
  • Nude session $ 125.00
  • Sign up for both session $ 195.00

Large format portraits and platinum prints: January 21-22, 2017

Katharine Jacobs and I spent the weekend with 2 talented students working on making large format portraits, developing sheet film and making platinum prints.  Jailhouse Studios hosted us in a perfect studio and darkroom space. Thank you Heidi and Gwenn. 


Heidi O'Connor  


Heidi O'Connor  


Gwenn McGill


Gwenn McGill